LRT launches second Radarom! campaign to support Ukrainian soldiers

| Šaltinis:

LRT with its partners is launching the second donation campaign Radarom!, seeking to raise funds to send Lithuanian-made safe soldier packs to Ukraine. 

The 7,500-euro packages, each consisting of a night vision monocular, a laser sight, and an individual anti-drone, are meant to help Ukrainian soldiers stay better protected as they fight against the Russian invasion.

The equipment is manufactured in Lithuania by Brolis Semiconductors and NT Service.

“Our nation has not grown tired, and we continue to support the fighting spirit of Ukrainian soldiers. And we must do so because their fighting spirit is a shield for us and for Europe. We have the opportunity to support Ukrainian soldiers with equipment that is made in Lithuania and, most importantly, is essential for the soldiers on the frontline,” says Jonas Ohman, founder of the NGO Blue/Yellow that provides military support to Ukraine.

Donations are invited for one month until 24 February, the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion. Five-euro donations can be made by calling 1485 (from Lithuania). More options can be found on

The four-week fundraising campaign is organised by LRT together with the organisations Blue/Yellow, Laisvės TV, Stiprūs kartu, and the journalist Rita Miliūtė. The campaign will end with a special broadcast on LRT TV, LRT RADIO and on February 24. The broadcast will conclude with a final benefit concert in the evening.

This is the second Radarom! campaign. Last year, on the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine, it raised over 14 million euros to buy 17 radars – three more than planned – as well as four vehicles for mobile radars, to train radar operators in Ukraine, and to buy 69 anti-drones and accessories.