Together until Victory: Western Military Support for Ukraine

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As we approach the third year of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine and Western values, it is time to take stock of what the West has done so far in terms of military assistance and how it intends to honour its commitment to support Ukraine.
It is clear that only Ukraine’s total military victory can lead to long-term sustainable peace on the European continent, which is in the ultimate interest of the West and all democracies. Continued and effective military support from the West is crucial to achieving military objectives. This means that Ukraine’s partners must ensure burden-sharing in military assistance, increase production of equipment and ammunition, and closely coordinate their longer-term financial and assistance plans.
Recently several in-depth strategy papers and analyses on what is needed on the path to Ukraine’s victory have been published.
The webinar of the United for Ukraine network dedicated to Western military support for Ukraine took place on 24 January, 2024.

– Moderator: Andrius KUBILIUS, MEP, Coordinator of the United for Ukraine Network
– Kristjan MÄE, Director, Policy Planning Department, Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Estonia, co-author of the strategy paper
– Ariana GIC, political and legal analyst, Director, Direct Initiative International Centre for Ukraine, Canada
– Linas LINKEVIČIUS, Deputy Head of the Chief Executive’s Policy Office, European Defence Agency